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Artist Statement
My pleasure and enjoyment of the outdoor world led me to begin playing with cameras as a child. Unique sights attracted my attention, something beautiful, unusual or just something ordinary with dramatic lighting. I wanted to take that sight home to remember and to show others.

Spending time behind the camera was so enjoyable, it became a permanent part of my life. While I photograph primarily for my own pleasure, I still have the thought that sharing my “find” is a good thing, and that it will possibly make someone smile or give them a sense of enjoyment.

I formally studied fine art with a specialty in printmaking (intaglio and lithography) and exhibited in the New York area for 3 years. In photography I am primarily self-taught although I have participated in many photography workshops and seminars around the country and in Europe.

I do almost all my work outdoors using available light. I work primarily with digital equipment and personally do all aspects of the process needed to create a finished image. I capture the view, edit when needed, print and finally frame. I enjoy experimenting with various print mediums and am currently printing a limited number of images on various types of watercolor and fine art paper. I like the softness that it gives the image.

My love of the world outside, whether in distant places or in my own backyard, presents me with an abundance of subject matter. I present my images for the spirit and the soul, pleasant, gentle reminders of the many facets of our world.

Diane M. Miller      

All photographs appearing in this Web Site site are the property of Diane M. Miller and are protected under United States and International copyright laws. The photographs may not be reproduced, stored, or manipulated without the written permission of the photographer.

Diane M. Miller